Gerard Post van der Berg
Lopez Island

2008 Stewardship Award Winner – Business Category

Gerard and his wife Tricia, residents of Lopez Island, have been supplying San Juan County administrative offices and other island businesses with cleaning supplies, paper and other office items for over 12 years.  Gerard’s commitment to  sustainability and the environment drives him to research the least toxic, most recyclable products for his clients.   He then discusses these choices with his clients to help them understand the reasons to switch.  Most recently, he has helped to spur the movement among Friday Harbor restaurants to switch from Styrofoam food containers to biodegradeable products.  He has assisted his customers in finding the most cost effective waste-reducing solutions, and despite increasing gas, freight, and ferry costs he keeps his prices competitive.   Gerard  and his wife have one full-time and two part-time employees.

Island Paper was selected for this award given their length of service to the community, and their ability to be the catalyst for change at the source of the purchasing cycle on a county-wide basis.