Take it or leave itLopez Island
2008 Stewardship Award Winner – Individual Category

Ona Blue and Neil Hanson, both residents of Lopez Island, are responsible for the great success of the renowned “Take It or Leave It” reuse facility located at the solid waste facility on Lopez Island.  For over 16 years Ona has  volunteered many hours of her time to make this re-use facility the popular and highly successful spot it is on Lopez.  Her efforts, along with Neil’s,  have likely diverted many tons of reusable clothing, furniture, appliances, electronics, tools, books and other household items from landfill disposal, in addition to saving their fellow members of the community money in disposal fees while at the same time negating  the larger environmental cost of transporting these items off of Lopez.

Be sure to congratulate Ona and Neil  in person next time you bring an item to the “Take it or Leave It” facility:  and remember that the efforts you see before you were built by nearly two decades of volunteer labor.