Orcas Island
2009 Stewardship Award Winner – Woodland Category

The Woodland Stewardship Award was given to Bob and Pat Jester property owners on Orcas Island. They have been quietly conserving a large swath of forestland along the Western slope of Entrance Mountain, near Rosario on Orcas Island, for many years.

The Jesters started implementing their conservation vision by donating two conservation easements to the San Juan Preservation Trust, protecting over 40 acres of woodlands through restriction of development rights. When they discovered that the land adjoining them, and bordering Sunrise Mountain and Cascade Lake was in peril of development, they purchased these lands and then subsequently turned them over to Moran State Park. Because of their actions, the 5,252-acre Moran Park is now connected to an additional 300 acres of protected woodlands on Entrance Mountain.