Marta Branch

Orcas Island
2012 Stewardship Award Winner – Educator Category

Marta Branch has been an educator in a variety of capacities.  Currently she works at both the traditional and alternative High Schools on Orcas Island during the school year.  She teaches two formal courses in the traditional classroom: “Ecology and Marine Technology” and “Marine Science”, and at the OASIS High School she teaches all subjects in grades 9-12.   During the summer she is employed as a naturalist for Deer Harbor Charters, and formerly was an Interpretive Specialist at Moran State Park.   Her work with her students involve a wide variety of projects ranging from beach seining, tree planting, salmon habitat enhancement and all manner of biological surveys.  She has initiated, led, and coordinated many community-based projects that let her students conduct their studies in the field and allowed them to connect with local scientists.

Marta’s sense of place, love, and dedication to our planet shows in her actions and is evident in her teaching style.  Her holistic approach to education has earned the respect of her students and her community.