San Juan Island
2012 Stewardship Award Winner – Individual Category

Pete Kilpatrick is the owner of Ravenhill Construction , the county’s largest private contractor.  Pete has been a leader in introducing building practices that both reduce waste and encourage use and reuse of sustainably- produced materials.  His company built the first LEED Platinum-certified home in San Juan County.

Pete’s dedication to improving and protecting our fragile island environment extends beyond his ethical business practices.   He has worked on local county initiatives to reduce developmental impacts to the shoreline and offshore eelgrass beds.  Pete is also a founding member of the San Juan Community Home Trust, for which he has served for eleven years.  Through his efforts the Home Trust’s Sun Rise neighborhood includes innovative rainwater collection, solar hot water systems, and a Living Machine that treats all sewage onsite and allows reuse of water for irrigation and sanitation, as well as rain gardens and air-air heat exchangers to reduce energy consumption.  He is a well-respected voice for our local environment.