Eric Sable, San Juan Island

eric sableEric Sable
San Juan Island
2013 Stewardship Award Winner – Youth Stewardship Category

Eric Sable of San Juan Island was part of the fledgling San Juan Island Conservation Corps, a youth stewardship group that started in 2012.  Eric’s infectious enthusiasm and commitment was evident from the beginning of the program, and he was soon chosen for a leadership award amongst this group. He showed an ability to persevere through some of the more challenging but rewarding projects, and served as in inspiration to the rest of the SJICC group.  Eric has since shared his experience within the community by giving presentations for the Land Bank Commission and the Stewardship Network.  He has participated in the project management team meetings as a student voice, and committed to helping to lead a Know Your Islands walk, showcasing a project done in partnership with the Land Bank.  He plans to participate as a recruiter for the new 2013 spring program.