LION Less Ivy On WaldroNLIONs, (Less Ivy On WaldroN)
Waldron Island
2013 Stewardship Award Winner – Woodland Stewardship Category

Peter Alexander, Jennie Lorenz, Tillie Scruton, and Katrina Miller, organized a dedicated group of Waldron volunteers with the aim of eradicating ivy from the island. Known collectively as the LIONs (Less Ivy On Waldron) , they set a goal of 1000 hours of ivy volunteer work over a 12 month period starting August 2012. This group is proving itself effective by mustering a great deal of community support and volunteer hours. These folks are recognized for their initiative, enthusiasm and success and are making serious headway on the ivy infestation on Waldron.

Sadly, Peter Alexander passed away shortly after receiving this award. We know the rest of the LIONs group will carry on in his good stead.