Christine Langley, Lopez Island

Christine Langley

Christine Langley
Lopez Island
2014 Stewardship Award Winner –¬†Farmland Stewardship¬†Category

Christine has used sustainable methods to grow vegetables and fruit on Lopez Island for over 15 years. She controls diseases and pests organically, rotates her crops, uses drip irrigation, harvests rain water and keeps bees for pollination.

She is adamant about recycling local materials as much as possible for any structures needed, uses solar energy-run fences to keep chickens on fallow fields and provides passive ventilation in her greenhouses by opening the ends and rolling up the sides to encourage airflow. She is also on the Board of Lopez Locavores, a grassroots nonprofit community organization that promotes local sustainable food economy and land stewardship.

Christine is always willing to educate anyone interested in sustainable farming. In an article in The Islands Weekly, Christine summed up her passion for farming. “I guess for me this is really profound work,” she said. “The longer I do it the deeper it gets for me, and the more connections I feel to people all over the world who grow their own food or food for their communities. I feel a kinship with them.”