Chuck O’Clair, San Juan Island

Chuck O'Clair

Chuck 0’Clair
San Juan Island
2014 Stewardship Award Winner – Individual 
Stewardship Category

To date, Chuck has logged over 1800 volunteer hours with various stewardship organizations throughout the San Juan Islands. He participated in the Washington State University Extension San Juan County Beach Watchers Program, which allows him to collect valuable reseach data, and is currently involved in three projects: A Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST) program that monitors evidence of seabird motality, a Friends of the San Juan’s study of forage fish spawning and the San Juan County Land Bank restoration of forest habitat on Cady Mountain. 

As an animal care volunteer at Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for 12 years, he prepares food and formulas, feeds animals, maintains facilities, helps with rescues and takes part in releasing animals back into the wild. “Chuck is Wolf Hollow’s longest-serving animal care volunteer,” said Education Coordinator Shona Aitken. “We deeply appreciate his dedication and support of our work.” 

An avid birder, he has gathered data weekly on the species and abundance of birds at Three Meadows Marsh since 2002, and continues to submit data to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, a repository for worldwide bird data used by scientists studying the distributionand abundance of birds over time.