Ken and Marcia Culver

Ken & Marcia Culver
Orcas Island

2014 Stewardship Award Winner – Woodland Stewardship Category

Ken and Marcia and the Culver family donated their 24-acre shoreline and forest preserve on Orcas Island to the San Juan Preservation Trust (SJPT) in 2013. This property, with over 700 feet of rugged high bank shoreline facing southeast toward Rosario Strait, has been in the family for six generations.

The preserve is part of a larger tract of land owned by the family, which also contained the Culver farmhouse and is now a historic site. When a fish resort run by the family on an adjacent shoreline parcel ended operations in the 1950s, they kept the property and managed it as a working forest.

Ultimately they decided they would rather donate it to the Preservation Trust than see it logged. «We wanted that beautiful and natural piece of land protected for all time,” said Ken. Under SJPT management, the forests will continue to mature and decline as nature sees fit. The Culvers are currently working with neighbors to place a conservation easement on an adjoining 60 additional acres.