Scott Meyers & Brigit Waring, Lopez Island

Scott Meyers & Brigit WaringScott & Brigit
Lopez Island
2015 Stewardship Award Winner – Farmland Stewardship Category

Scott Meyers and Brigit Waring moved to Lopez Island with two young daughters in 1999, and purchased the land that was to become Sweet Grass Farm. The property was extremely degraded and had no infrastructure.

Because cattle can improve pastures and create soil fertility when managed well, Scott and Brigit built a grazing management system over the next 15 years that has enabled them to restore the vitality of the land and support a herd of 150 Wagyu “Kobe” beef cattle. “The restoration of the land and building of the farm was made possible with the help and support of the great people in our community,” said Scott.

Scott and Brigit are selective in their breeding, and treat their animals with care and respect. They sell their grass-fed & finished beef through their website,

Praise from chefs around the region ranges from “melt-inyour mouth texture” to “unlike any beef I’ve tasted before.” Seattle chef Tamara Murphy said: “He is truly a grass farmer who passionately explores all avenues in creating the absolute best product he can. Not only for the end product that we eat, but also for the health and well-being of his animals and our environment.” 

The land has a conservation easement held by the San Juan Preservation Trust, and the farm has grown to include several hundred acres of leased land.