Tim Clark, Lopez Island

Tim ClarkTim Clark
Lopez Island
2014 Stewardship Award Winner – Woodland Stewardship Category

Tim Clark is constantly on the lookout for ways to preserve the beauty of the islands. He has spent countless hours during his job with the Land Bank maintaining and improving public lands for all to access and enjoy. On his own land he has successfully created two entirely off-grid homes that rely heavily on renewable sources of energy, water conservation and permaculture.He also provides habitat for animals in brush piles and houses bats in one of his buildings, and rescued hundreds of amphibians when he renovated his pond.

Always on the leading edge, Tim is an avid recycler as well as upcycler. He has created many useful things from salvaged materials. Decks become raised beds, well pipes are used in greenhouses and gillnets keep the deer out of his garden. His house has floors from a bowling alley, doors from a hotel and trim from the remains of plywood logs. It is not unusual to see Tim collecting trash from roadside ditches during his daily walks. Waste, he says, is just something useful in the wrong place.