Tim Reynolds & Mariluz Villa, Brown Island

Tim Reynolds & Mariluz VillaTim & Mariluz
Brown Island
2015 Stewardship Award Winner – Shoreline Stewardship Category

For the last few years, Tom Reynolds and Mariluz Villa of Brown Island have been restoring their residential shoreline property.To pass along what they’ve learned, they plan to participate in a video about the process. 

Removal of the bulkhead from the small feeder bluff on their property restores sediment supply to the entire beach system and uncovers upper beach habitat, improving conditions for fish, wildlife and people. Their removal of the shoreline armoring inspired two adjacent neighbors to begin their own beach restoration activities.

“I truly believe that beach restoration leaves a legacy that my children and grandchildren and their children will benefit from far into the future,” said Mariluz. “If every one of us cared for even a small stretch of beach, the cumulative effect would impact a huge portion of the earth.”

Tom and Mariluz advocate for the protection of natural shorelines, removal of invasive species and preservation of native vegetation. Tom serves on the San Juan Islands National Monument Steering Committee, and Mariluz is active with the local hospice program. They both volunteer at the SanJuan Island Food Co-op.